The story begins....

The story begins in the 1930s when Felix Coarasa and Victoria Jiménez, grandparents of the current proprietor and residents of Hecho village provided food and shelter in their farmhouse to traders in livestock, forestry workers, commercial travellers and anyone else who needed lodgings.

It was a way of making ends meet when times were very difficult but this hospitality became the start of Casa Blasquico.

Years later, one of their two daughters, Gabriela, who worked as a school teacher in the local villages, decided to take on her parents business, adding a professional touch by making big changes to the house and the cooking she had been doing.

She founded the restaurant which now bears her name and that she has run professionally for 50 years. The hotel has taken the family name.

Over many years she has received numerous awards and prizes – both regional and national.

Nowadays the business is run by her nephew, Jose Félix, who has added his personal touch to both hotel and restaurant.


The rooms have all been recently refitted to modern standards but still retain their individual old-style charm.


The cuisine follows the style of those restaurants committed to using locally sourced and seasonal produce such as wild mushrooms, vegetables, lamb, beef, and stews, salads etc. Whilst keeping the heritage from his predecessor Jose Félix is fully committed to introducing modern tastes and presentation. All in all it can be described as Mediterranean cuisine with food fresh from the market.


The menu continues to offer those signature dishes of the restaurant such as stuffed vegetables, whose secret recipe has been passed down through the generations; or the wild mushroom crepes that together with the magret de pato and confit that Gaby brought back from her trips to France.



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Dirección: Plaza la Fuente 1, 22720, Valle de Hecho (Huesca)

Teléfonos: (034) 974 375 007 / 657 892 128

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Un sitio maravilloso, tanto la casa como su gente, da gusto ir allí, maravillosa comida y el trato fuera de serie. La amabilidad con que gaby toma nota, las simpáticas camareras y ese gran cocinero que es pepó, lo recomiendo

Trip Advisor

Hemos estado el viernes 15 y el sábado 16 de febrero de 2013 y no ha podido ser mejor!!!Pepo y su mujer son super atentos todo fenomenal.VOLVEREMOS Un saludo para los dos.. y esa hora y media mereció la pena Gracias

“Sorpresa agradable por la calidad de la comida. Recomendable ”

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